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Mobile application development a best option to upgrade and optimize your business to wider and loyal set of customers. Webtoall is the best Mobile application development company which provides best in class mobile app designing and services to business and enterprises. We have developed an exclusive mobile application, specially designed for the police department working in Madurai city to reduce their burden and ensure safety for the local people. webtoall develops mobile application for cross platforms built with combining current technologies to work efficiently. across various devices. 

Idea to an Application - Our Development Phases


Webtoall takes time to analyse the clients expectations, finding out the main objective of the application. We focus on what are all the solutions that can be solved by the mobile application for the users. Our experts will do a deep research on the target audience for your business and make the app easier and simpler to use. We also develop a plan to add additional features to the mobile application which makes it stand out of the other players. Once we all set we start with the development phase.


The UI and UX decides the success rate of any mobile application. Our skilled developers starts from coding, UI designers selects the layouts and helps in visual representation of the app which mainly focuses on human interaction with the app. We design an Information architecture framework which has a detailed information's about data, interface and the technologies that we are going to use. Once IAF is completed we wireframe the user interface design and do a mock test. Here we check the visual design, working of app functions and aesthetics. Back end and server configurations are modified to support for the desired application. API's helps in connecting back end, server and operating systems. The development phase is finalized by mobile front end in which users interact with the application.


Once the app is fully developed and approved by client we deploy it in app store, make user's to download and give it a test run. We also provide soft launch of applications to a set of specified people. Thus the beta version of the mobile application is tested for every functionalities, pages, widgets, bugs and crashes.


Application Marketing and Support

Once the customers start to download and use the mobile application, We keep an eye on user reviews. Those are the honest opinions from real time users. We make changes and add additional features which make better user experience. Our Digital marketing team constantly checks the download count, Competitors applications, Advertising through various platforms and make sure the app is more visible to relevant people.

Webtoall Road Map to Mobile Application Development


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Webtoall is one among the top Software based IT development companies in Madurai, India. We started as a small group of techies in 2017 with big ambition towards the growing technology. With each year we are accomplishing the goals and setting the bar high. We work with various different products and services across many industries. Our success relies on,

  • Client satisfaction
  • Right on time delivery
  • Efficient Resource management
  • Dedication and Innovation on every project
  • Strong technical support and maintenance

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If you read this far we hope you are interested in our services. We can assist and guide in any projects and businesses. Our company has worked on highly challenging projects and are ready to offer their services effectively. Contact us to get a free quote.